Valuable components and materials, high-quality surfaces and solid workmanship give the speaker a modern and noble appearance at the same time


Whether super-slim like our Flatboyslim or classic, square enclosures, in passive or active version, many options are open to the user


Depending on the application, we distinguish between amplifiers for professional and upscale installation for the home.


An unexpectedly good sound is the interplay of coordinated building blocks that complement each other in the system in a meaningful way and thus deliver optimal results.

Our advantages at a glance
➧ Better through our own loudspeaker development in Germany
➧ Better through the use of high-quality components in production
➧ Better because our speakers sound damn good even without DSP
➧ Better for dynamic music playback and voice playback

And that even in the smallest of spaces!

We achieve what others have promised us for years but never kept:


Clear sound at the highest level

We have taken the best of two loudspeaker worlds, the classic loudspeaker design paired with the advantages of a magnetostat, but without the associated technical difficulties.

Efficiency in perfection

High field strengths, generated by 2 efficient NdFeB rods, tight dimensional tolerances of all other components and the replacement of a classic voice coil by multilayer PCBs, bring advantages over classic cone drivers!

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Data and facts

IC Series Loudspeaker

The radiation pattern

Thanks to the wide dispersion of 160° in combination with the advantage of lower volume loss of only 3dB per distance doubling (instead of the usual 6dB with conventional loudspeakers), the information is evenly distributed in the room over long distances.

Our range

The arrangement of our drivers corresponds in its mode of operation that, a professional line array system. This contributes significantly to the fact that our speakers lose only 3dB per doubling of distance, in contrast to conventional speakers, which lose 6dB.

Resilient high energy magnets

Our decades of experience in the development and production of NdFeB permanent magnets helped us to design an extremely efficient and temperature resistant driver, applicable up to 120°C working temperature, for our loudspeakers.

Compact design

Our technologically unique and innovative driver design, allows our IC series to be manufactured in a very slim package, at a frequency range between 120 and 20,000 Hz. Edge refractions are avoided.

Frequency resonance

The uniform drive of the diaphragm ensures that we have no frequency overlap within a loudspeaker. The diaphragm is driven uniformly over the entire surface. If several chassis are working in parallel or in series at the same time, their radiation pattern does not change.

Exclusive full range speakers

We have taken the best of 2 worlds to construct speakers that not only look good but also sound good.

The voice coil

The drivers have a constant impedance and have only minor inductances. This is achieved by a special arrangement of the multilayer voice coil.

The driver

Our drivers have a honeycomb diaphragm, which is uniformly driven over its entire surface by the arrangement of NdFeB magnetic bars in the magnet system.



Of course, we can’t outsmart physics.
Therefore, analogous to our philosophy, we have developed a series of subwoofers, which match our line speakers, follow the same claim.

Whether super-slim like our Flatboyslim or classic, square enclosures, in passive or active versions, users have many options. Here, too, we rely on engineered in Germany using high-quality components.

Clear sound at the highest level


High performance at 58mm height



With a height of just 58mm, it can be optimally planned into many installations. Whether under the furniture, under a suspended ceiling, behind a TV, display or integrated into a mobile stand, the subwoofer can be hidden almost anywhere thanks to the innovative bandpass system. And that with a performance that is not available on the market.

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Double 6" compact subwoofer

Lars 6.2

Active subwoofer with passive radiator

Moritz 400-40

Active subwoofer with passive radiator

In most installations, subwoofers cannot be placed at their optimal position. Especially not when several subwoofers are placed in the room and have to blend into the ambience as inconspicuously as possible.

App for Android and iOS

This is where our APP comes into play, enabling the user to optimally integrate the subwoofers into the overall system.

It's all a matter of attitude

Our customers use the PHASE and DELAY adjustment options, as well as the 8 PARAMETRIC EQUALIZERS that can be used independently, to achieve the desired sound result.

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12" subwoofer with 30-200 Hz

Paul 12.1

12" subwoofer

In order to seamlessly tie in the bass range, we have developed an extremely high-performance, yet compact 12" subwoofer.

Lots of pressure and enough level

The Paul 12.1 can represent the transition to the micro line array in terms of fine dynamics and resolution and in addition there is enough level reverse in the low frequency range, which gives a live / club feeling.

Polyurea coating

Thanks to its birch multiplex housing with polyurea coating, the Paul 12.1 is extremely robust!

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We take the same approach to selecting our amplifiers as we do with our speakers. Depending on the applications, we distinguish between amplifiers for professional installation and upscale installation for the home.

Sophisticated engineering, the use of high-quality components and manufacturing in Germany guarantee a long service life at a high level.

Clear sound at the highest level


3 channel power amplifier in Class D technology


3 channel installation power amplifier

The Class D amplifier is specially designed for the application of 2xIC speakers (L/R) and 2xFlatboyslim subwoofer (connected in parallel).

High quality and durable

Even with other subwoofers and speakers, this power amplifier guarantees excellent sound.
The cooling is passive, which is why you don't hear any loud fans and overheating due to a possible failure is less likely.

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6 separate power amplifiers in Class D technology

Julia 1080

High-end for professional applications

With attention to detail, the Julia 1080 is designed and fully produced in Germany.
It is the right choice for all AV integrators who need optimal sound for speakers and subwoofers per power amplifier.

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Analog stereo power amplifier in Class-H technology

Eva series

Continuous power guaranteed

The power supply is conventionally designed with low leakage toroidal transformers. Its analog design with multiple supply voltages provides high power reserves even in permanent operation.

Developed and manufactured in Germany

Its dynamic reproduction fully exploits the musical potential of almost all speakers in the field of installation and HIFI. At the same time, it is always load stable up to 2 ohms. Developed and manufactured in Germany, it promises durability.

For the love of music

Careful further development and improvement in detail do not make BEC acoustic amplifiers look old even after years.
Once installed, the maintenance-free amplifiers are a faithful companion for the professional user
The following operating modes per channel are possible via a slide switch:

Fullrange & Top, Bass

Sophisticated technology

The amplifiers have a crossover frequency with 120 Hz. with 24dB slope. For this purpose, each channel has a low-noise clip limiter. The amplifier is ventilated by two infinitely variable and temperature-dependent fans which dissipate the air flow from the front to the rear.

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An unexpectedly good sound it is never the result of a single component.
Rather, it is the interplay of coordinated building blocks that meaningfully complement each other in the system.

We’ve put some thought into this and designed products that deliver optimal results with our speakers and other equipment.

passive separation of high and low frequencies


Crossover Fred2

This is hand wired with high quality capacitors, made in Germany.
The integrated subwoofer output allows a uniform volume control of subwoofer and loudspeaker as well as the smooth drop from 200 Hz crossover frequency with 6 db down to 150 Hz

Safe interaction

Starting at 200 Hz with a crossover frequency of 150 Hz, it ensures a smooth transition between the loudspeaker and the subwoofer. Fred2 serves not only for frequency separation but also as a protection against careless handling (switching on and off peaks) and disproportionate loudness of the system. Its high-quality wound bipolar capacitors, of German origin, contribute to operational reliability.

Proportional Power

Using the two RCA outputs, an active subwoofer can also be operated. The big advantage here is the volume adjustment between speakers and subwoofer.
In simple words: If I turn the system louder, the bass content increases proportionally and vice versa.
In addition, the crossover for the bass always generates a mono signal

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