is only as good as the worst component in the system! To bring the quality of the transmission to a higher level when selecting suitable amplifiers, we have developed a series of technically and optically coordinated system components. The user now has new alternatives from the BEC-Akustuk product portfolio.

Various applications

The Arrangement

of several chassis with a defined distance in a low attenuation and the sleek aluminum body achieve an effect similar to a line array in the pro audio field. This reduces the level drop by half at a distance. Despite minimal dimensions, the sound penetrates the room in depth. The intelligibility at a distance remains.

The multifunctional Talent

The slim form

of drivers and housing allows a beam angle of 160°! The stage is always preserved, even if you do not sit or stand in the "sweet spot". The speaker becomes a companion, whether for a social evening or an event. He embodies hearing without being heard!

120 - 20.000 Hz

Designed as a broadband Speaker

between 120 and 20,000 Hz, it is acoustically in phase. With the right cut-off frequency, it runs to its best with matching subwoofers. We recommend the use of a subwoofer with phase and / or time correction!

Unique sound experience

The honeycomb

Our drivers have a honeycomb membrane which is uniformly driven over its entire surface by the arrangement of the NdFeB magnetic rods in the magnet system. There are no frequency overlays within a loudspeaker. Thus little acoustic irritations

Welcome to BEC-Akustik

For more than 25 years, BEC is a solid and reliable player in the industrial supply of all types of permanent magnets. Especially in the field of NdFeB, we have created a name for ourselves with our own development ranks of TERRAMAG series. To date, we employ about 50 people in Moers, Seoul and Shanghai. A lean corporate structure and short decision-making paths shape our reliability and flexibility.


Different than others

Our many years of experience in the development of permanent magnets and the resulting technical and personnel connections have shown us new ideas and possibilities in speaker construction. The experience of more than 25 years of German engineering has been translated into a new speaker line that is unique in the world! BEC Akustik follows this vocation through its own market presence.


  • ⇒ Clear playback in the smallest space
  • ⇒ Frequency range between 120 and 20,000 Hz
  • ⇒ Acoustic in phase
  • ⇒ Aluminum housing
  • ⇒ High, direct sound content even with compressed data
  • ⇒ No frequency overlays within the driver
  • ⇒ Very high beam angle of 160°
  • ⇒ High flexibility due to small dimensions
  • ⇒ Low inductances due to constant impedance
  • ⇒ In different colors on request


BEC-Akustik speakers in use