Different than others

We made use of the best of two worlds of loudspeakers, the classic loudspeaker construction paired with the advantages of a magnetostat, but without the associated technical difficulties. High field strengths, generated by 2 efficient NdFeB rods, tight dimensional tolerances of all other components and the replacement of a classical voice coil by multi-layer printed circuit boards, bring advantages over classical cone drivers:

  • Clear playback in the smallest space
  • Designed as a broadband speaker between 120 and 20,000 Hz, it is acoustically in phase. With the right cut-off frequency, it runs to its best with matching subwoofers. We recommend the use of a subwoofer with phase and / or time correction!
  • The arrangement of several chassis with a defined distance in a low attenuation and the sleek aluminum body achieve an effect similar to a line array in the pro audio field. This reduces the level drop by half at a distance. Despite minimal dimensions, the sound penetrates the room in depth. The intelligibility at a distance remains.
  • Fewer errors in playback and a higher direct sound than indirect sound make the listener feel the music or spoken word very pleasant, even when playing back compressed files.
  • Our drivers have a honeycomb membrane which is uniformly driven over its entire surface by the arrangement of NdFeB magnetic bars in the magnet system. There are no frequency overlays within a loudspeaker. Thus little acoustic irritations
  • The slim form of drivers and housing allows a beam angle of 160°! The stage is always preserved, even if you do not sit or stand in the “sweet spot”. The speaker becomes a companion, whether for a social evening or an event. He embodies hearing without being heard!
  • The number of rods can be extended as desired using a suitable amplifier. The simple design makes it possible to realize almost invisible installations. Music in the room is created in places that were promised to us but were rarely respected.
  • Versatile! Possibilities are both parallel and series circuits of the bars. This is possible without losses, since the drivers have a constant impedance and have only small minor inductances; This is achieved by a special arrangement of the multilayer voice coil.
  • Integrated in a surround system, all positions with the bars can be realized. Even Dolby Atmos, 3D sound is easily displayed.
  • 3 available sizes: 70 cm (3 modules), 100 cm (3 modules) and 120 cm (4 modules) length
  • Available as standard in matt black and white glossy. Special colors on request!
  • Included in the scope of delivery: Metal wall mounting incl. Stepless adjustment of the radiation angle, installation template.