Different than others

We made use of the best of two worlds of loudspeakers, the classic loudspeaker construction paired with the advantages of a magnetostat, but without the associated technical difficulties. High field strengths, generated by 2 efficient NdFeB rods, tight dimensional tolerances of all other components and the replacement of a classical voice coil by multi-layer printed circuit boards, bring advantages over classical cone drivers: Clear playback in the smallest space Designed as a broadband speaker between 120 and 20,000 Hz, it is acoustically in phase. With the right cut-off...



We complement the existing speaker series with our professional amplifiers for installation. To match our loudspeaker sound image, we have opted for analog stereo power amplifiers in Class H technology and will also be presenting these at Integrated Systems Europe / ISE 2020.


ISE Amsterdam 2019

BEC-Akustik: ISE in Amsterdam 2019

Our expectations for the ISE Amsterdam 2019 were rather modest, but we were totally surprised by the crowds at our stand. A great professional audience and countless discussions about our products have demanded our entire staff. Good sound and natural reproduction without DSP have attracted many of our visitors in the spell. It goes without saying that this cannot be achieved without continuous development and the use of new technologies in this slim format. Managing Director Martin Coban: “Unbelievable what happened this week! I thought that as a hobby musician...